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Teen Wolf Cast Creates Memes - Comic-Con 2014 (x)

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I don’t ever do anything exciting enough anymore to post about on here or insta or even twitter. Damn.

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Posey:first time I heard the song Rude by Magic I texted Dylan "We need to start a reggae babe"
Dylan:And I didn't realize he meant reggae band, so I texted him back "Alright babe."
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"I would sleep much better with you next to me."

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"It’s important for little girls to know not every story has to be a love story and for boys to know that soldiers aren’t the only ones to triumph in war."

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Dylan O’brien and Tyler Posey at the SDCC 2014

Dylan O’brien and Tyler Posey at the SDCC 2014

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Anonymous said: WHY IS A NORMAL BRA THAT MUCH WHAT THE FUCK. Sorry as a guy I can imagine like, lingerie being that much cause it's showy and you don't *need* it but a regular bra just seems like it would be more affordable, you know? i've been drinking sorry if I've been inappropriate.

Not inappropriate at all!! It is dumb. Of course, I tend to shop at Victoria’s Secret which means they’re already more expensive, and there are different styles that fit better and whatnot, and the one that fits me best just happens to be between $40-50 regularly. It makes no sense, I wish all bras were so much less expensive but still just as pretty.

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A muggle-born’s sibling sends them a howler in the middle of the school year and it arrives while they eat. When they open it, all it does is simply scream “WHAT TEAM?”. Nearly all the muggle-borns shout “WILDCATS!” before returning to their meal, leaving the pure-bloods in total confusion of what the hell they just witnessed.

I accept and fully support this headcanon

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Marchesa Spring 2013 rtw


Marchesa Spring 2013 rtw

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